Karma is an attribute of the user's account and is tied only to the account. Karma cannot be sold, bought, given or transferred. Karma is the main indicator of the platform, affecting all of the user's performance.

Karma can rise and fall:

  • Increases from completed orders and their price;

  • Increases/decreases from a customer's likes/dislikes;

  • decreases as a result of inactivity of the user.

General parameters of karma:

  • The maximum level of karma depends on the number of Gotchi and their progression;

  • The karma level is an attribute of the account.

What does karma do?

  • Affects the annual percentage when Staking;

  • Is the overall rating of the account;

  • Influences the account's AI output when searching for performers;

  • Influences the amount of $GON Token earnings.

Each user receives 1.000 karma upon registration.

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