Gotchi - the first Web 3.0 Work Marketplace based on a work-to-earn concept.

Gotchi Work Marketplace is a decentralized platform built around one of the most important areas of human life - work. Gotchi is the first project to bring the work-to-earn concept based on Web 3.0 to life.

Work, earn and earn.

Users get Gotchi Avatars and by working, completing various tasks and participating in challenges, increase their karma and performance of their Gotchi, thus increasing the level of earned $GON tokens, which can be used within the platform or cashed out for profit.

Work-2-earn (W2E) is a new term for Work Marketplace and Freelance Exchanges, where users can earn cryptocurrencies and NFT tokens from their work activity in addition to their main income. The Work-2-earn mechanism is used for the first time in the Gotchi Work Marketplace.

Gotchi aims to solve the main problems of centralized freelance platforms to create the next generation WEB3 marketplace, giving people more opportunities to earn, by applying game elements to the work process, ensuring full transparency and security of all processes, completely eliminating discrimination and by giving users the right to decide the fate of platform development.

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