Getting Started

To get started, users have to register at Gotchi Work Marketplace.

Registration is available through your wallet Metamask or via email. When registering through a wallet, users can add their account with an email and get access to the personal account from any device.

After registration users can supplement their account with information about themselves and confirm their qualification by taking a test in an appropriate work area.

To earn $GON tokens users have to deposit a minimum of 500 MATIC to their wallet and buy 1 Gotchi of his working sphere.

Users can use basic features of Gotchi Work Marketplace platform to work without buying a Gotchi Avatar, yet without being able to earn tokens, all attributes, gems, participation in championships and without other platform bonuses.

Users can also buy an egg for 250 MATIC. One of 10 Gotchi of any class and rarity-degree and any working sphere can fall out of the egg.

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