​​To encourage self-improvement and well-being of its users Gotchi Work Marketplace has decided to start with the fundamental component of any human being's life - work. Work is not just a money-making activity, but a tool of self-expression, an opportunity to do amazing things, to reach incredible heights, to leave behind a legacy and to make the world a little better.

The pandemic has shown humanity how fast things can change and that the world will no longer be the same. Most people are moving to telecommuting, technology is replacing old professions, and an arsenal of new professions is emerging that the market demands. In the current situation, we developed following steps to change the situation:

  • Decentralization of processes. All existing platforms have a clear structure with a small group of people, directors and managers, making decisions partly without knowing the needs of the market and being guided by their selfish interests. Only the decentralization of such platforms can boost the development, tremendous growth and trust on the part of customers and performers.

  • A new approach to job searching. Classical education systems and job search platforms fail to keep pace with the market, are time consuming and do not necessarily respond correctly to such demands, fail to provide an opportunity to find specialists in new and in-demand fields. We focus on the development of modern and relevant professions that are relevant today and will be in demand in the future.

  • Decent pay for performers. Companies and corporations charge a lot of money for their services, leaving only a small portion to the actual performers, namely their full-time employees. We suggest removing that layer and giving people a chance to organize themselves and to work in pools to do large-scale projects.

  • Full transparency of processes. Classic job or employment sites operate like ordinary web- sites, without the use of blockchain and Web 3.0. As a consequence, any information can be replaced with at any given time suiting the needs of the beneficiary, be it a company or a private contractor. By hiding and deleting comments and reviews from real people, it is difficult to determine person's actual qualifications and honesty. By creating a blockchain-based platform, we bring full transparency to all work processes.

Decentralized Gotchi Work Marketplace platform is the best solution.

To tackle these issues, Gotchi Work Marketplace creates a decentralized job search and employment platform, and provide:

  • Transaction’s security on a smart contract. All transactions made on the platform are made on the basis of a smart contract, which provides full security in payment and confirmation of terms without a mediator. Any disputes arising between the customer and the contractor are resolved by a consortium of community members without the involvement of the administration and any third party, ensuring full transparency and fairness of the decisions made. Any decision can be appealed to the appeal board, whose members are users with a higher karma level.

  • Extra Earnings. Each performer can pump up his Gotchi avatar and get $GON token from each completed order, participating in challenges and completing tasks.

  • Registration on the portal through wallet without the need for verification via phone number and without passport confirmation. (In countries where local legislation requires platforms to collect personal data such as phone number, we will be forced to collect and securely store it)

  • Teamwork. An option that allows performers to join teams and accept large orders that they are not able to implement on their own. This system is a direct competitor to large companies, where people come together and organize to solve problems and receive income that is fairly divided among the participants.

  • Confirmation of performers' qualifications by passing special tests. Scammers often disguise themselves as experts, stealing their work and passing it off as their own, often without basic knowledge. Performers will be able to take tests to confirm their qualifications in different areas. Such data is stored in a blockchain and is completely transparent, allowing customers to clearly understand the skill level of the contractor.

  • AI algorithms for contractor and customer matching. By placing an order or service offer, we use artificial intelligence algorithms to best match the customer to the contractor and vice versa, thereby reducing search time and helping to deliver the project even better.

  • Customer and community support for top performers. Every customer has the possibility to nominate a top performer to the top-performers-rating, where the whole community votes for performers and the top performers get the bonuses collected by the whole community.

  • Brand-new and advanced areas of work. Gotchi Work Marketplace and its community are responsive to market demands and changes, publishing and educating new specialists in newly emerging professions.

  • Rapid response to user requests for the implementation of new functionality. The community, implementers and customers can submit individual and collective requests for platform improvement so that Gotchi Work Marketplace developers can implement exactly what the community needs.

  • Community directly influences the development of platform. The Gotchi Work Marketplace community directly influences the further development of the platform by making suggestions and actively participating in the development of the system.

Gotchi Work Marketplace is the ultimate open, technological and secure job search platform.

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