Gotchi are creatures that are users' avatars. By upgrading their Gotchi, gaining, earning and acquiring additional skills, the user increases the possibilities for their passive income, the development of their personal working skills and the development of their character. Users develop along with their Gotchi avatar.

Gotchi Types

The total number of Gotchi is 10 unique avatars. Each can be a specialist in any of the 5 working areas. A Gotchi of each type gives users an opportunity to earn $GON token when completing tasks in the corresponding work area. Users don’t earn $GON Token by performing work and tasks from another sphere that does not match corresponding Gotchi. For example: a user has a Gotchi Designer and his main activity is design, thus he earns a $GON token for the work he does, but if he performs tasks from the programming sphere, the user will not get a $GON token, he needs Gotchi Programmer for that. Gotchi Boss is a particular category of Gotchi avatars that applies only to customers.

10 Characters. Each can be of any category.

  1. Gotchi Designer

  2. Gotchi Programmer

  3. Gotchi Musician

  4. Gotchi Animator

  5. Gotchi Marketer

  6. Gotchi Boss

Gotchi Attributes

  • Luck. Indicator of luck determines the frequency of falling out of the chests and their quality. Also, luck affects the Lottery (coming soon) and in the Random Performer system (coming soon).

  • Slots. Number of slots for the current gems.

  • Experience. Indicator of the Gotchi development and activity. By filling the experience scale, the Gotchi moves to a new level.

  • Energy. Energy is spent when the user makes the proposal.

  • Level. Level is an indicator of Gotchi evolution.

  • Efficiency. Parameter that affects the $GON token earning.

Gotchi Rarity

There are five degrees of Gotchi rarity. Each degree of rarity is lined up sequentially on a scale of minimum and maximum Gotchi levels. All five degrees of Gotchi rarity range from level 1 to 30. While minting a higher rarity Gotchi, the lowest rarity Gotchi should be on the max level. See more about Gotchi Minting.

RarityRange lvl











When minting a new Gotchi, the value of each attribute will be chosen randomly between the minimum and maximum values according to the degree of Gotchi's rarity. Thus, Gotchi of the same rarity degree can have completely different attribute distributions. See more about Gotchi Minting.

Allocation of points to attributes. With each new level, the user receives a specified number of points to develop Gotchi attributes. Points can be distributed across attributes in any ratio.

Gotchi Level

Level is a Gotchi`s attribute and is tied only to Gotchi.

Gotchi level increases with completion of tasks, challenges, bonus gems, and by burning the $GON token.

After reaching each level, users receive from 2 to 10 additional points to improve Gotchi attribute scores of their choice.

Gotchi levels increase as the experience bar fills up.

Additional bonuses unlockable upon reaching these level milestones:

Gotchi LevelUnlock

Lvl 5

Gem slot unlock / Possibility to mint

Lvl 10

Ability to participate in contests / Gem slot unlock

Lvl 15

Gem slot unlock

Lvl 20

Ability to rent out Gotchi

Lvl 25

Gem slot unlock

Lvl 30

Increased earning

Gotchi Energy

Energy is an attribute of Gotchi avatar and is tied only to Gotchi.

The maximum amount of collected energy for 1 Gotchi can reach 300.

Users receive 10 auto-replenishment energies per 24 hours. Users can increase their Gotchi Energy attribute and increase the daily amount of energy it receives.

Energy can be obtained by natural growth, purchase on the marketplace and in chests. The amount of energy can be increased by bonus gems. Energy cannot be transferred, sold or given as a gift to other users. The energy parameter does not apply to Gotchi Boss.

When purchasing and receiving Gotchi, users receive 100 energies.

The cost of 1 application:

Energy amount


2 energies


5 energies


10 energies


25 energies


50 energies

The energy scale starts at 100 with the rarity level Common, and can reach 300 when you reach the rarity rating of Legendary.

RarityMax energy







Super Epic





Each Gotchi can carry 6 built-in items.

Items are not bought or sold separately, but are part of the NFT and determine the rarity of Gotchi NFT, his level, karma increase and bonuses to his attributes.

6 categories of items:

  • Headpiece

  • Hand Item

  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Backpack

  • Accessory / Glasses / Mask


One work area equals 1 Gotchi. The more Gotchi, the more work areas users will have. By agreeing to a job, the user chooses a specific Gotchi for that job and the Gotchi becomes “busy” and cannot agree to a new job until the current one is finished.

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